1. Shutdown time display function;

2. Aux audio input, which can play audio such as mobile phone, MP3 / MP4 / MP5 / navigation in the vehicle through the machine.

3. Support the file playback function, which can classify the songs into pop songs, classical songs, songs loved by the wife, songs loved by the children, etc., and establish different folders for easy playback in the memory card.

4. Support mp3 high fidelity lossless audio format, electronic tuning radio function, automatic reception, and storage, and support power-off memory.

5. Support large-capacity SD card / USB flash disk and other memory playbacks.

6. Vehicle gauge LED display technology, the display is super bright, but the gloss is soft and not dazzling.

7. Power off memory function, which can remember the playing state of the radio or music when power off.

8. Multiple circuit protection tests (overload, overvoltage, short circuit), four-channel output.

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