Material: linen

Specification: Universal

Weight: 1.8

Weight 1.800 kg

Black and red front row single piece, Lafite red front row single piece, Warm rice front row single piece, Charming coffee front row single sheet, Black and gold front single piece, Classic black front row single piece, Black and red three-piece set, Lafite red three-piece set, Warm rice three-piece set, Charming coffee three-piece set, Black and gold three-piece set, Classic black three-piece set, Five-seat lafite red, Five-seat warm rice, Five charm coffee, Five-seat classic black, Five black and red, Five black and gold, Lafite red leaflet backrest, Charming coffee leaflet backrest, Warm rice leaflet backrest, Black and gold leaflet backrest, Classic black single sheet backrest, Black and red single backrest, Remark color without backrest in back row


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