Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm

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94 reviews for Green Tea Mask Clay Stick

  1. A***a

    I came, I tried it again. Let's see in use)
    no remark

  2. V***e

    The orange one feels good

  3. C***u

    Delivery too, too, too long I will come back after delivery

  4. A***b


  5. L***a

    haven't tried it
    no remark

  6. L***a

    haven't tried it

  7. S***a

    Description as defined by the seller, excellent product.

  8. I***m

    Do not operate بتاتا useless

  9. A***z

    received quickly thanks

  10. L***z

    The product not arrived to my address.

  11. V***i

    A lot of time to arrival, a month and a half
    Still not tried
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  12. A***l

    received the item tracking number different than seller provide it took long time to find out the package
    no remark

  13. D***l

    The package finally arrived, delays a little long but it was worth the wait. First try satisfactory so I would not remove⭐. I will repost for a real try tomorrow.

  14. S***r


  15. S***r


  16. S***T

    Very practical

  17. C***r


  18. T***a

    I did not receive the order, the money was returned.

  19. N***u


  20. V***v

    Nothing supernatural. Usual mask based on clay.

  21. U***r

    doesn't work at all

  22. P***t

    only 40g, small package

  23. R***d

    I paid the VAT on arrival! eventhough, I paid it once I bought the item!

  24. L***s

    thank you for my trade

  25. F***z

    Came the whole, thank you we will break through

  26. C***o

    It doesn't work with black dots.

  27. C***o

    It doesn't work very well with black dots

  28. S***H

    Very good

  29. G***e

    Practical, suits me well.

  30. O***n

    I liked it. She took the green one. Easy to apply to wet face. He doesn't. From the first application, pimples became less red, calmed down. I'll order another one.
    Thank you

  31. R***a

    Waiting was different and without packing came

  32. E***t


  33. Y***a

    Thank you very much seller, very good mask

  34. L***a

    Thank you for the order very much super

  35. A***M

    It's not done.

  36. A***r


  37. G***a

    No good

  38. E***n


  39. A***c

    product received very fast. will leave additional comment once tested
    no remark

  40. W***o

    The product not arrived, more was refunded, thank you seller

  41. W***s


  42. E***H

    Order received

  43. B***s

    Very good recommended

  44. N***z

    I arrive before the estimated date and in good condition
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  45. K***a

    Good Goods

  46. L***a

    It's good.

  47. P***p

    Delivery with opóźnie niem. Product came consistent with the description

  48. 6***r

    Thanks got here

  49. O***v

    Went on 2.5 months but got it

  50. B***l

    doesn't remove any black heads

  51. J***l

    Great product. smaller than expected. but, happy with the purchase. Works as video described. Leaves fave feeling clean and soft. super slow shipping.

  52. N***r

    Excellent. Thx
    no remark

  53. L***L

    I tried to leave my face dry

  54. A***n

    thanks items received

  55. I***r

    The mask went for more than a month, did not track. The seller's photo matches. But its main function does not perform, pores do not clean. Yes, and in use, some strange. After application does not dry. And to wash it only with water is simply impossible! Remains on the face with a white film. You have to wash off the gel.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  56. S***a

    Long and had to pay tax

  57. E***h

    I did not track, but it still came, even after the deadline.

  58. Z***z


  59. C***4

    Product looks to be as described. Have only done a patch test on hand to check for allergies but seems like it will work. Will update feedback after more substantial trial.

  60. I***o


  61. M***x


  62. M***c

    Unfortunately the product does not work, one big ściema

  63. P***k

    All ok

  64. 0***r

    Figanina this is all)) stupidly will score and mask your pores and then doubtful

  65. N***a

    How accurate the description was not to say, I just did not get the goods. Two weeks after the due time of delivery, I wrote to the seller that it was too long on the way to the goods and asked to return the money. The money is returned, the reputation of delivery is backed.

  66. R***r

    I did not see the effect very much. The texture is pleasant. No allergies.

  67. A***n

    My wife said norms.
    no remark

  68. I***s

    It took a month to arrive, it's a little smaller than I thought, but it's okay.

  69. W***o

    Very good the first application in feel firmer and clean skin
    no remark

  70. M***v

    Got it, it's OK.

  71. M***o

    don't be as naive as me, this mask doesn't work 🙁 not worth any money

  72. S***k


  73. R***e


  74. P***u

    It does nothing on me

  75. O***i

    came before the time thanks.
    no remark

  76. N***n

    لم يصل

  77. B***m

    muito bom obrigada

  78. Z***r

    Zkusíme uvidíme

  79. V***n

    попробовала вчера.угри не убирает,но кожа становится гладкой

  80. B***r

    Good working
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  81. G***a

    Доставка почти 2 мес во Владивосток

  82. D***i

    vielleicht gut

  83. Ю***о


  84. M***M

    Pareil, je ne peux pas en dire plus car pas encore utilisé. Je reviendrai modifier mon avis une fois utilisé. Merci
    no remark

  85. M***d


  86. R***a

    great product

  87. M***o

    não é conforme o anúncio

  88. A***a

    Маска хорошо наносится на лицо,удобен в применении, после использования кожа становится хорошая и шёлковая.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  89. M***r

    Good quality, fast shipping

  90. I***e


  91. N***h

    Ordered in March 25, 2022 and received on May 11, 2022. Came faster than I expected. I thought it would be soft and easy to spread around, it isn't. It hardens the moment it is applied and is really difficult to spread around in areas. Has no particular smell to it, other than a powdering/dusty scent to it. When applied it doesn't move and is stuck and is white on the skin. Has a see through cap on the cream when opened it so it didn't smear on the bottle.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  92. J***n

    Took a little longer to get, but everything ok!

  93. C***l


  94. R***v

    обычная глина, ни какого эффекта, как рекламируют НЕТ.

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