The product is a multi-functional infusion-type steak tenderizer. After the seasoning is adjusted, it is sucked into the seasoning device and then injected into the meat to make the meat more delicious. It also has the effect of loosening and tenderizing meat, which makes the meat taste much better.

1. Easy to use: Just fill the room with marinade, press the plunger, and the sauce is easily injected into the meat.

2. Dual function: the built-in plunger releases the marinade into meat through three-needle applicators, quickly saturates the inside of the food and is equipped with flavor-enhancing ingredients.

3. Speed up marinating: 30 stainless steel needles form small pockets in the meat, which can retain their own juices and shorten the cooking time by up to 40percent by creating a “hot aisle”.

4.Adjustable: You can adjust the penetration depth of the sauce and needles to obtain different thicknesses of meat. The scale on the tank will help to dose the sauce.

5. Wide application: suitable for almost any meat, such as pork, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish, etc. Great tool for family kitchens and outdoor barbecue parties.

Commodity material: ABS+stainless steel 401 and 304
Product size: height 22.5* bottom 8.2* handle 8.5
Outer box specification: ]59*40*48CM
Product packaging: 9.5*7.3*23.5CM
Product weigh:335g

Weight 0.335 kg


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