Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 40 cm

Yellow, Blue, Colorful, Green, Red

Electrical outlet




100 reviews for Mushroom Wall Socket Lamp

  1. A***a

    It looks from other material, the size is the same
    no remark

  2. C***c

    The color of what I received does not match that of the photo and it is impossible to connect the product to a wall, the plug is very European but it lacks the small hole so that the metal piece of the plug can enter
    no remarkno remark

  3. J***e

    Nice looking light!

  4. A***v

    So-so. Flimsy.

  5. L***l

    Delivery 20 days. Packaging is not damaged very much, the goods are whole. With light sensor. Depending on the intensity of the surrounding lighting itself adjusts the brightness. In total darkness it does not shine bright. Very nice light. Seller recommend.
    no remarkno remark

  6. Z***z

    Looks a little bit duller in person than the picture, but is still super cute and works perfectly. Had to wiggle around the lightbulb a bit for it to work but nothing major.

  7. J***z

    Fetzen, hab Sie bei mir auf meinen kl. Flur der ist sehr dunkel, kein Fenster.

  8. J***s


  9. T***r

    So sweet

  10. W***d

    Ok ^ ^

  11. S***r

    Box was extremely crumpled but luckily the lamp was still intact. Two pieces to put together, surprisingly works well.

  12. A***v

    Shines with soft warm yellow light.

  13. A***n

    Cute lamp, lights automatically when the room is dark.

  14. A***.


  15. L***l

    I love it! It perfectly meets the description and arrived in very good condition.
    no remark

  16. D***a

    Разваливается в руках, половина остаётся в розетке при извлечении, работает через раз. Но, если заработал, то это красиво.

  17. D***v

    Glows, but does not shine. Very weak. In total darkness at a distance of 10 cm, you can read the book.

  18. E***r

    had to drill a hole so it fits in the socket lol

  19. A***a

    Looks nice !
    no remarkno remark

  20. M***r

    This is a really cool little night light! It gets brighter the darker it is. Fun!

  21. M***a

    Oh, my God! The mushroom is just gorgeous!!! Euro fork. Sensor works!!! It is beautiful!!
    no remarkno remark

  22. A***n

    The parcel came quickly, in excellent condition, the night light works, everyone is happy.
    no remarkno remark

  23. M***a

    The item is greatttt and cozy. The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy. The item is greatttt and cozy. The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy The item is greatttt and cozy
    no remark

  24. R***o

    What you need! Thank you

  25. J***i

    looks really good

  26. M***a

    Clearly I had to put an adapter on it, quench its function, satisfied with the purchase, thank you.
    no remark

  27. K***k

    Seeing the box was very scared. I ordered two at once, but the boxes are very crumpled. Assembled from two parts. Shines pleasantly yellow.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  28. A***o

    no remark

  29. G***a

    i reccomand

  30. M***r

    Nice lamp. Everything works.

  31. G***o

    no remark

  32. G***k

    Cool Night Light, Russian partition

  33. S***r

    Fast Delivery Thank you!

  34. M***n

    As shown in the order photos, it does work.
    no remark

  35. R***o

    Bad quality, it's not going to last long

  36. E***n

    Exactly as advertised! I bought one of these from a different seller years ago and loved it & wanted another one, but it wasn’t being sold anymore—I was ecstatic to find it again. This one gives off a warm gold-ish light, as opposed to my other one, which is more cool-toned. I prefer this one, honestly. It’s very well made for the price & makes my bathroom very cozy. 🙂

  37. S***n

    its pretty loose when its plugged in and the light is pretty dim, but very cute and aesthetic.

  38. M***a

    Quickly delivered. Badly packed, but intact and working!

  39. A***o

    The focus arrived functional by sheer luck, the box came totally crushed and the led foquito came bent, the only thing was that I arrived before the date which was a plus
    no remark

  40. M***a

    IT has not EU plus

  41. K***a

    Works, very pretty)
    no remarkno remark

  42. F***x

    Fast delivery. the lamp is normal. only the seller needs to pack the goods better. the box came mint but well that nothing was damaged. thank you.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  43. M***s

    Look very beautiful,
    Amazing light, a little gentle

  44. K***v

    Received in a mint branded box, mint. The whole thing. In the kit or as a gift a spare bulb. It does not shine bright, rather decor than lamp. There is a light sensor. So it's a cool thing. I like it.

  45. A***v

    no remarkno remark

  46. I***a

    Cool Mushrooms! Everything works. Shipping fast. I recommend the seller and the goods
    no remark

  47. I***r

    Blazing fast!

  48. J***a

    The box was all crumpled because it was packed in a package. And so-a great night light, funny
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  49. V***e

    no remark

  50. P***v

    Cool fungus. But it will burn all night.

  51. C***F

    a little different but still cute and works

  52. V***n

    Photoresistor, lasra eeeeele shines

  53. A***m

    No está mal pero el parasol es bastante endeble. Veremos la duración del producto
    no remark

  54. I***v

    it's only perfect I want more
    no remark

  55. A***i

    Not as expected

  56. R***r

    Wonderful thing
    no remarkno remark

  57. H***h

    Super cool! Didn’t know it’s light activated! I really like it

  58. C***y

    Trop bien

  59. D***t

    Cool. It burns when it is dark, it will extinguish when it is light
    no remark

  60. M***r


  61. S***a

    Thin plastic, weak light

  62. V***r

    no remark

  63. K***a

    Ordered 2 pieces. Great price. Very cute!!! Came to Ukraine pretty quickly, via Nova Poshta.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  64. D***r

    when plugged in it is constantly on, idk if mine is just defective because there is a little light censor on the bottom, other than that quite cute

  65. L***l

    I order the second time, it comes in three weeks. Packed in a bag and in a Corton box. The box was badly crushed both times, but the night light was whole. Plastic is thin. Shine slightly differently but the light is soft and pleasant. There is a light sensor. Seller recommend.

  66. M***s

    Looks like the photo, does what its supposed to. Worth the price.

  67. M***o

    Pretty, shines bright enough

  68. I***t

    Looks nice!

  69. A***v

    Beautiful and not very bright

  70. S***h

    Beautiful lamp! The child is delighted and so am I! ))
    I'll order more!

  71. S***.

    like I picture

  72. M***e

    Love love love!!! I might buy other ones, it is beautiful!

  73. L***a

    In the afternoon does not turn off

  74. A***n

    None hole punch for prong with grounded under versions EU

  75. S***s

    This saved my life fr look at how cute it is
    no remark

  76. S***r

    Exactly what I expected
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  77. L***r

    Product Came in a Flimsy Cardboard Box, The Actual light won’t connect with the rest of it so it unfortunately doesn’t Work, otherwise it looks just like the picture.

  78. C***c

    The light is very nice and it's accurate to the photo, but since I get the plug for my country, I appreciate the option, I look sideways haha so I'll look for something so I this must happen to everyone here in chile at least.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  79. H***d

    great product

  80. L***z

    Came in a mint box, the LED does not work (looks like on the road Bent)

  81. F***k

    one of the lamp was not working. They needed to be checked sending.

  82. S***e

    Received in good condition. I have tested it, and it works perfectly. Let's see for how long.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  83. N***a

    Masterpiece! Beautiful! Works fine! Sensor of light at the highest level: 10 out of 10
    no remark

  84. R***r

    Corresponds to the description

  85. Y***g

    carton box was demaged, but product inside is ok.

  86. T***t

    very needed item in my life

  87. T***t

    Very cute, it really works well, it's not very bright, perfect for night light.

  88. H***t


  89. 4***r

    Wonderful auxiliary light child room or for your room when they are babies doesn't bother anything

  90. S***o


  91. I***n

    Great product:) shipping was very fast, would recommend
    no remark

  92. R***x

    I love iiiitt!!!!! It’s so cute and perfect, shipping took a while but it was so worth the wait

  93. A***v

    The goods came packed in a thin navel. Naturally, everything was broken during transportation and the night light is broken. Not working. The seller is very negligent about the shipment of goods. For this 2 stars.
    no remark

  94. G***r

    looks really pretty, the light is warm and cute, sadly I had to make a hole in it thought cause it didn't fit in socket but other than that- it's perfect!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  95. M***r

    The box was crumpled, but the night light itself is intact✨
    no remark

  96. L***z

    The box came in a bit crushed, but the product came in safe and sound
    no remarkno remark

  97. L***v

    Not very, not correct work

  98. S***e

    일반 우편배송

  99. P***r

    Just like picture, super cute:)

  100. M***K

    Love it!! Im still waiting on the second one … odd i ordered them at the same time
    no remark

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