high recommended Soft diatom mud imitation cashmere

Weight 0.000 kg

40*60cm, 50*80cm, 60*90cm, 45*70cm


[diatom mud] wild rose [semi-circle], [diatom mud] white rose [semi-circle], [diatom mud] iris [semi-circle] ], [diatom mud] wild rose [large fillet], [diatom mud] white rose [large fillet], [diatom mud] iris [large fillet], [crystal velvet] white rose [large rounded corner], [diatom mud] paeonia lactiflora [semi-circle], [diatom mud] retro peach blossom [semi-circle], [diatom mud] butterfly blue [semi-circle], [diatom mud] oleander [semi-circle], [diatom mud] peony [semi-circle], [diatom mud] beautiful village [semi-circle], [diatom mud] sunflower [semi-circle]


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